What you will receive from me is a translation with my name and experience as the guarantee of a professional service. This means that I will not only thoroughly research your respective subject’s necessary vocabulary, but also that I will always keep the translation’s purpose in mind - there are big differences between translating an advertising brochure, an operator’s manual or a customer presentation.


As I do not offer an ‘all languages, all subjects’ translation service, it is my policy to only take on contracts for which I know I can provide an excellent service, based on my experience and knowledge.


There are several special interest areas for which I have developed translation skills in the past few years. The main areas are:


  • Websites
  • Marketing, eg product and image brochures
  • Contracts, terms and conditions/GTC
  • Industrial mineral processing incl. refining technology
  • Medicine (in particular doctors' letters), medical and laboratory technology
  • Occupational health and safety